ATP Newsletter 2019

  Download the 2019 ATP Newsletter Thanks to all of our ATP families for your continuing support. We wish you a safe and happy festive season and all the best for 2020! Generation 3 Update We are excited to announce that recruitment for our Gen3 study is finished! We now have close to 1200 children … Continued

The wellbeing of young people who live at home longer

  The ATP has been following families for the past 36 years, enabling us to track both large and small-scale changes in family life. One major change has been the age at which young people transition from the family home to living independently. This ABC article touches on some research by ATP Investigator Assoc Prof … Continued

ATP Gen3 HotSpot: A Focus on Fathers

In this edition of ATP Gen 3 Hot Spot, we hear from Dr Jacqui Macdonald, an ATP investigator from the Population Studies team. Jacqui’s research interests include a special focus on fathers’ wellbeing, and their role in children’s health and development. As well as being involved in the ATP, Jacqui also leads a study investigating … Continued

The ‘Big 5’ Personality Traits

One of the key topics that the ATP investigates is our temperament and personality, which we have assessed in family members across all three generations. This great article on ABC explains what the Big Five personality traits are, how personality is formed and how it may change over time – a great read!One of the … Continued

ATP Newsletter 2018

Download the 2018 ATP newsletter (PDF) ATP Generation 3 update We are excited to announce that recruitment for our Gen3 study is now 95% complete. By early 2019 we expect to have an impressive 1,200 Gen3 children and their families involved. This means that we will no longer be calling Gen2 participants to ask whether … Continued

New Research: The Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll

  Parenting is a tough gig! Recent findings from the latest Royal Children’s Hospital National Child Health Poll of 2000 Australian parents has found that many of them feel stressed, confused or overwhelmed about their child’s behaviour. It’s important for parents to remember they are not alone and that and perfection is an unrealistic goal. There are always strategies … Continued