Have you received a phone call from us recently?

You may have received a phone call from one of our friendly research team. The Australian Temperament Project makes routine phone calls to check we have our participants most up-to-date contact details. During these calls we ask you to confirm your phone number, email address and postal address. We may also ask you to confirm the details of other generations of your family who are involved in the research and provide the details of a friend or family member who can help us find you in case we ever lose touch.

You can always let us know if any of your contact information changes by phone, email or via our secure online form below. To update your contact details, please choose from one of the options below:


Provide your contact details online

To update your details with us online simply click on your link below. You will be redirected to a secure online form, housed internally at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Please make sure you click submit at the end.


Generation 1 Participants, click here to update

Our generation one participants joined the ATP when their child was born in 1982 – 1983.


Generation 2 Participant, click here to update

Our generation two participants were born in 1982 or 1983 and joined the ATP with their parents.


Update via phone or email

Speak to one of our friendly research team to let us know your details have changed.

You can call us on +61 (0)3 9345 4129

You can email us at atp.nextgen@rch.org.au

What do we do with your contact information

Your contact details will only be accessed by the ATP research team with a purpose to:

  • Inform you about ATP surveys
  • Maintain contact with you during a survey, including reminders to complete/return surveys if required
  • Inform you of ATP events and publications (such as newsletters, ATP events)
  • Contact you to update your details

If you do not provide us with the information requested, your participation in the ATP study will not be affected. However, if you provide insufficient information, we may have difficulty updating your details and it may be difficult to keep in contact with you.

We welcome feedback, comments or questions  – please use the above information to get in contact with us