Generation 1 and 2

Thank you so much to all Generation 1 and 2 participants for your ongoing participation over the last 36 years and counting. We are especially grateful to those of you who participated in our most recent survey, in 2014-2015. This was the 16th time we have asked you about yourselves and your lives, allowing us to build an incredibly comprehensive picture of what life entails for your generations.

At this point in time we don’t have another survey planned, however we will certainly be in touch when we do. Until then, please keep your contact details up-to-date with us via our secure online form here

Generation 3

The Year 2011 marked the beginning of a new phase of the ATP, with the launch of the ATP Generation 3 study. Having followed the development and wellbeing of Generation 2 study members since birth, the project now has the opportunity to investigate how the experiences of one generation affect the next, from grandparent (G1) to parent (G2) to child (G3). There are few studies like the ATP anywhere in the world that have the capacity to do this.

The Generation 3 study has been a great success so far thanks to all who have taken part. For those families involved in Generation 3, there are now a variety of ways you may choose to participate. These include:

  • A short telephone interview with expecting study members (or their pregnant spouses/partners) during the last trimester of pregnancy
  • An ultrasound during the third trimester of pregnancy for female ATP participants residing within Victoria
  • A telephone interview when the baby is 8 weeks old
  • A telephone interview or web survey when the child is 12 months old, 4 years old and 9 years old
  • A visit to the Royal Children’s Hospital or Deakin University when the child is 12 months and years old, where ATP researchers will explore the ways in which parents and their children play together
  • When families agree, we would also like to take saliva samples from their child (at 8 weeks, 12 months and 4 years of age) and hair samples from mothers who completes ultrasounds, to learn more about the roles of genes and hormones in intergenerational development

We are excited to announce that we have now officially wrapped up study recruitment, with close to 1200 children now involved in Generation 3. The ATP Generation 3 study is now one of the largest of its kind internationally, and has great potential to contribute to our understanding of intergenerational health.

The MAC Lab

The Australian Temperament Project Generation 3 Study is unique in that not only do we speak with  families over the phone and online about their experiences of parenting, but we also have the additional privilege of meeting some families in person.

Over the last 3 years we have thoroughly enjoyed having many of our 1 year old Generation 3 children and their parents come and visit us at either the Melbourne Children’s Campus or Deakin University (Burwood and Geelong). During these visits we film parents and children playing together, to see how the children react to new situations and people. We also collect saliva samples from the infants. When our Generation 3 children come to visit us at the Children’s, they love being able to see the aquarium and watch the cute and quirky personalities of the meerkats we have at our special, in-house enclosure.

In 2016 we were excited to commence a brand new 4 year old observational session, to go with our pre-existing one for 1 year olds. We are really looking forward to having as many of our 1 year olds back again as possible, this time all grown up and holding up 4 fingers when we ask how old they are! Again, we invite parents to come along too, and we film a play session, take some measurements and a saliva sample, and carry out some activities with your child.

A BIG thank you to those families who have been in to visit us so far; it has been incredible to meet you all, and even more so when we have all three generations come to the visit i.e. grandparent (Gen1), parent (Gen2) and their child (Gen3). Wow!

Click here to watch a short video of what happens during a 1 year old observational session at the Melbourne Children’s.

Molecular Studies

Another unique component of the ATP, and especially Generation 3, is that we are starting to investigate the exciting world of how social behaviour and the environment literally gets “under the skin”. By providing us with a saliva swab sample from your child, this allows us to look into how the environment can change the way genes work to shape child development. If you agree to provide a sample from your child, you are helping contribute to a very important and ground breaking area of intergenerational research!

Have you been sent a DIY home kit to take a cheek swab from your child?

Click here to see how a cheek swab is taken – gently and harmlessly – during a 1 year old observational session.

Neurosonography Studies

One of the most important parts of our Generation 3 study to date has been the assessments that were conducted during pregnancy.  This included a short phone interview with expecting mothers, where we asked questions about the pregnancy.  3D ultrasounds of the developing baby were also completed with a small group of ATP mothers at Monash Ultrasound in Melbourne. More information on what happened during these special neurosonography assessments for female ATP Generation 2 participants during pregnancy can be found in the below video.