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Australian Temperament Project
Department of Paediatrics
University of Melbourne
Level 2 West
Royal Children’s Hospital
50 Flemington Road
Parkville VIC 3052

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For Participants

Updating Contact Details Online

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For Researchers

Are you interested in collaborating with the ATP research team? If so, we suggest that you follow the steps below to ensure you have all the important information you need.

Step 1: Visit the Melbourne Childrens Lifecourse Website

ATP @ Melbourne Children’s LifeCourse

Here you can see how the ATP has been compiled over time, and delve deeper into each of Generation 1, 2 or 3. We encourage you to look closely at the information here to help you initially establish whether our data is what you’re after. Whilst we value collaboration, the ATP is bound by strict ethics requirements that dictate what we can and cannot share with other groups.

Step 2: Check out the ATP Publications

ATP Publications

Here you can see a comprehensive list of all the interesting peer-reviewed articles the ATP has published over the last three decades. We strongly suggest that before approaching us, you read any papers we have already published that are relevant to your topic/s of interest. We also suggest you read our 30th birthday report, as this provides a great summary snapshot of the study.

Step 3: Contact project management

Get in contact with the ATP project management team (see above) to express your interest in collaborating. If appropriate, the management team will then work with you and other key investigators.  Please note that we are a very large and busy team, and so we will endeavour to consider your request and get back to you as soon as we can.