Welcome to the new home of the Australian Temperament Project. Here you can find all you need to know about the ATP and Generation 3 Studies, including news, participant information, contact details, and information for collaborating researchers.

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Study Overview

The Australian Temperament Project (ATP) is one of the longest running studies of social and emotional development in Australia. The study is based on a representative sample of over 2000 Australian children born in the state of Victoria, between September 1982 and January 1983. Since then, parents (Generation 1) and their offspring (Generation 2) have been followed for over 30 years (15 waves) across childhood, adolescence and into adult life.

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The ATP Generation 3 Study builds on the foundations of the ATP by following over 1000 cohort offspring (Generation 3) from late pregnancy to 4 years of age (5 waves). The study assesses parental emotional health, the parent-child relationship (including observational assessments of infant attachment and parental caregiving behaviour), and offspring social and emotional development. The study has also been set-up to study biological (epigenetic) processes linking generations.

Study Collaborators

The ATP and ATP Generation 3 Studies represent an important collaboration between the Melbourne Children’s Campus (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and The University of Melbourne Department of Paediatrics at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne) and the Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development at Deakin University. Other key collaborators over the years include the Australian Institute for Families Studies and La Trobe University.



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