The Australian Temperament Project (ATP) is one of Australia’s longest running studies of social and emotional development. ATP began in 1983  following over 2000 babies (Generation 2) and their parents (Generation 1). The study has now been running for over 40 years; following the children from infancy, through childhood, and into adolescence and adulthood. In 2012, we began the Generation 3 study. This study follows the children of our original participants (Generation 2) from pregnancy through childhood. 

An exciting new phase of the project is launching in 2024.  This new research aims to find out what we can do to live a healthy and fulfilling life. We are inviting our Generation 1 and 2 participants to take part in a new survey. 

The information we collect will let us look at: 

  • How people adapt and cope with challenges 
  • The impact of social factors on length and quality of life 
  • How the process of ageing interacts and connects across generations.

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