NEW RELEASE: Spring edition of the Australian Fatherhood Bulletin – “Successful Dadding in 2020”

The ATP continues to have a strong focus on fathers, and in particular the different ways men experience being a dad. The latest edition of the Australian Fatherhood Bulletin, released by The Australian Fatherhood Research Consortium convened by ATP researcher Dr Jacqui Macdonald, gives a voice to dads to convey their experiences of fathering. It also provides information on up to date research on fathers’ wellbeing and on their role in their children’s and partners’ lives.

The new spring issue features five Aussie dads who share personal accounts on topics such as coping with a child’s chronic health condition, forming new hobbies to help the family, new ways to manage bedtime and more. These stories help illustrate that fathering has many ups and downs, and can involve successes and failures, stresses and joys, confusion and clarity.

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