Melbourne Children’s shares a culture of collaboration and innovation, underpinned by the knowledge that it is through science we discover new ways of keeping children well, and heal those who are not. Through direct bedside care we translate this knowledge into better health outcomes and healthier lives. And through education and training we embed our knowledge, and the importance of discovery, into the next generation of paediatric specialists. 

We are proud to present some of the projects currently underway at Melbourne Children’s.

Melbourne Children’s Trial Centre

Australia’s only dedicated trials space for children funded by philanthropy.

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Melbourne Children’s Global Health

Melbourne Children’s Global Health aims to reduce inequity and improve child and adolescent health in disadvantaged populations globally. We will achieve this through partnerships in research, public health, education and advocacy.

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LifeCourse – A Melbourne Children’s Research Initiative

LifeCourse aims to maximise the value of population and clinical longitudinal research by bringing together resources and data to address new research questions on communicable and non-communicable diseases, cognitive and language development, mental and behavioural disorders and resilience and wellbeing that cannot be addressed within individual studies alone.

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The Australian Temperament Project

The ATP is a three generation longitudinal study of social and emotional development that has followed over 2000 Young Australians and their families from infancy to adulthood over 15 waves since 1983 (Generation 1 and 2), and over 1000 cohort offspring (Generation 3) since 2012.

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