The ATP began in 1983 as a collaboration between the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne and La Trobe University, Victoria Australia. Over time the collaboration has expanded to include The University of Melbourne (Department of Paediatrics), The Australian Institute of Family Studies, and Deakin University (Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development).

The ATP Generation 3 Project is based within the Department of Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne, located within the Royal Children’s Hospital, and since 2012, has been funded through National Health and Medical Research and Australian Research Council Grants awarded through the Centre for Social and Early Emotional Development, Deakin University.

The study has numerous additional collaborations with the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, the University of New South Wales, and Otago University (New Zealand). We have also partnered with different organisations such as the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Crime Prevention Victoria, and researchers at other universities to investigate specific issues.



Scientific Directors

Professor Craig Olsson
Scientific Director, ATP Generation 3 Study (from 2009)


Project Management Team

Dr Primrose Letcher
Senior Project Manager (Publication, Data, Strategy)

Dr Lisa Mundy

Senior Program Lead

Esther Laurance 
Project Coordinator

Dr Chris Greenwood
Data Manager/Analyst

Dr Catherine Olsson
Senior Research Fellow

Isabel Hyland
Population Studies Interviewer

Gessica Misuraca
Population Studies Interviewer


Population Studies

Professor Craig Olsson
NHMRC Leadership Fellow (2020-2024)

Professor George Patton
NHMRC Leadership Fellow (2021-2025)

Dr Primrose Letcher
Mid-Career Research Fellow

Dr Chris Greenwood
Early Career Research Fellow (Biostatistics)

Dr Liz Spry
Early Career Research Fellow

Dr Jacqui Macdonald
Mid-Career Research Fellow & Founding G3 Project Manager (2011-2013)

Dr George Youssef
Mid-Career Research Fellow (Biostatistics)

Dr Delyse Hutchinson
NHMRC Emerging Leadership Fellow (2021-2025)

Associate Professor Martin Guhn
Director Human Early Partnership, UBC, Vancouver, Canada


Attachment Studies

Professor Jennifer McIntosh
Clinical Investigator, Attachment Studies

Professor Carol George
International Collaborator

Dr Judith Solomon
International Collaborator

Professor Bob Marvin
International Collaboration

Professor Alan Schore
International Collaborator


Molecular Studies

Dr Joanne Ryan
Genetics and Epigenetics

Peter Fransquet
Molecular Studies Coordinator (DNA)


Neurobiological Studies

Professor Peter Enticott
ARC Future Fellow, Neurodevelopmental Studies

Professor Sarah Whittle
NHMRC CDF, Neurodevelopmental Studies

Dr Martha Finn
Neurosonographer, Neurodevelopmental Studies


Founding Investigators

Professor Margot Prior

Professor Frank Oberklaid

Associate Professor Ben Edwards

Dr Diana Smart

Ms Suzanne Vassallo

Professor Ann Sanson