Melbourne Children’s Global Health Events 2021

Melbourne Children’s Global Health Forum 2021 The role of Health Economics in informing policy globally Natalie Carvalho, University of Melbourne Emma Watts, Melbourne Children’s 12:30-1:30pm AEDT Monday 6 December 2021 Register Health Promoting Schools Professor Susan Sawyer, Melbourne Children’s Dr Ruth Aston, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, The University of Melbourne Dr Monika Raniti, Melbourne … Continued

The role of Health Economics in informing policy globally

12:30-1:30pm Monday 6 December 2021 Zoom registration Natalie Carvalho will introduce concepts of health economics including how health economic evidence can be used in informing policy at a national level, with a focus on infectious diseases. Showcasing examples from projects conducted alongside the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, in collaboration with partners in the Asia Pacific … Continued

Non-COVID health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

Doherty Institute – Melbourne Children’s Global Health Seminar Series 12:30-1:30pm AEDT Monday 8 November 2021 Online, Zoom registration The COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect health systems globally, and there is widespread concern about the indirect impacts of COVID-19. One of the critical indirect impacts of the pandemic has been severe disruptions to the delivery and … Continued

Health Promoting Schools

  The World Health Organization’s Health Promoting Schools (HPS) framework is a whole-school approach to promoting health that recognizes the intrinsic relationship between health and education. Healthy students achieve better educational outcomes which, in turn, are associated with improved health, including later in life. Over the past two years, MCRI’s Centre for Adolescent Health, a … Continued

Caring for the carers – supporting families in fragile settings

In 2005 WHO declared ‘There is no health without mental health.’ The burgeoning field of global mental health recognises the contribution of mental health on the global burden of disease, and its common comorbidity with physical health. In paediatrics, increasing evidence has found that parent mental health, coping and self-efficacy are important predictors for treatment … Continued

PDI-MCGH Forum June

All I Need is the Air I Breathe: Pneumonia best practice 12.30-1.30pm Monday 7 June 2021 Zoom Pneumonia is the single largest infectious cause of death in children worldwide, accounting for 15% of all deaths of children under five years old. Its effects are widespread, but is most prevalent in South Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. … Continued

Spotlight on Indigenous Health

Spotlight on Indigenous Health Melbourne Children’s Global Health Forum This month’s forum covers emerging learnings from leading Indigenous health practitioners in Australia. The first talk, with Prof. Stephanie Brown and Karen Glover, will shine light on the social determinants of health and wellbeing in Indigenous communities – particularly focusing on the recently released findings from … Continued

Next gen pandemic preparedness

“How can we do better next time?”: Next gen pandemic preparedness Peter Doherty Institute – Melbourne Children’s Global Health Seminar 12:30-1:30pm Monday 29 March 2021. Register Researchers discuss current and emerging technologies which may unlock the future of pandemic preparedness, with this month’s talks covering both emerging technologies and health equity. A/Prof David Anderson will … Continued

Melbourne Children’s Global Health Forum February 2021

Allied Health: Disaster response and low resource settings 12.30-1.30pm Monday 8 February Nurses and allied health professionals play a critical role in health promotion, disease prevention and delivering primary and community health care. In emergency settings, nurses and allied health professionals are essential to the timely identification and care of patients with medical, surgical and … Continued