Melbourne Children’s Global Health Forum September

Thursday 15 September and Friday 16  September [Online and in-person]


A spotlight on Global Health at the Melbourne Children’s Campus Student Symposium

The September Global Health Forum aims to showcase global health research conducted at the Melbourne Children’s Campus as part of the Student Symposium, taking place between 15-16 September. The symposium is the premier research student event on campus. Join us to learn more about some of the most pressing global health issues including COVID-19, mental health, pneumonia, pneumococcal vaccination and human papilloma virus vaccination presented by our talented students.

Speaker Presentation Title  

Day & Time


Paola Villanueva,
PhD 3rd year+
To scar or not to scar? Thursday, Session 1,
10.15 am AEST
PhD 3rd year+
School-Based Mental Health Promotion: A Global Policy Review. Thursday, Session 1,
10.15 am AEST
Alicia Quach
PhD 2nd year

Slow progress in pneumonia control for   children in low-and-middle-income countries.

Thursday, Session 2,
11.45 am AEST
Jackson Newberry-Dupe
PhD 2nd year

Child and adolescent mental health presentations to hospital emergency departments and the COVID-19 pandemic: protocol for a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Thursday, Session 2,
11.45 am AEST
Darren Suryawijaya Ong
Masters 1st year
Epidemiology of SARS-CoV-2 cases and      COVID-19 hospitalisations and deaths in  children and adolescents. Thursday, Session 4,
3.00 pm AEST
Satvika Soppadandi
Immunological memory response following    reduced-dose pneumococcal vaccination schedule.


Friday, Session 6,
11.15 am AEST
Chau Quang
PhD 1st year
Antibody subclass profiles 6 years after 1    dose of quadrivalent HPV vaccine in Fijian adolescent girls. Friday, Session 7,
1.15 pm AEST



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