Melbourne Children’s Global Health e-News August 2020

Azithromycin: MORDOR & beyond, one drug to rule them all?

Peter Doherty Institute – Melbourne Children’s Global Health Forum

12.30pm-1.30pm Monday 17 August
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Password: gch2020

MCGH-Doherty Institute Global Health Seminar Series is a quarterly seminar series co-convened by the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity and Melbourne Children’s Global Health to provide a forum for updates and conversations about key issues in infection and immunity research for global health. All are welcome!

Speakers: Professor Fiona Russell is a paediatrician. She is Director of the Child and Adolescent Health PhD Program, Department of Paediatrics, The University of Melbourne; and Group Leader for the Asia-Pacific Health group at MCRI. Her research interest is to provide evidence to make decisions to improve child health outcomes in low-income countries, especially related to vaccine preventable diseases. She leads a clinical trial of azithromycin in labour to prevent maternal and infant infections in Fiji.

Stephen Rogerson is Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine, University of Melbourne. His laboratory is based in the university’s Doherty Institute. His interests include the pathogenesis of malaria in pregnant women and young children, and the prevention of malaria in pregnancy. He has long-established research links in Malawi and Papua New Guinea.

Dr John Hart is a clinical researcher with a background in tropical medicine and international health. He works at the Melbourne School of Population and Global Health, with a current focus on verbal autopsy and cause of death data in Papua New Guinea. He has experience conducting clinical trials in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, with the University of Oxford and The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, most recently on the MORDOR trial in Malawi.

Chair: Professor Andrew Steer is the Co-Chair of Melbourne Children’s Global Health. His research interests centre on neglected tropical diseases and the control of group A streptococcal disease in low- and middle-income countries, with specific interests in public health efforts at controlling rheumatic heart disease, impetigo and scabies; understanding the pathogenesis of acute rheumatic fever; and developing a group A streptococcal vaccine for use globally.

COVID-19 Resources

Support the #EndCOVIDForAll campaign to the Australian Government to provide life-saving support to LMICs by adding your name at

COVID-19 kids research evidence update The University of Melbourne

Dr Hamish Graham Oxygen: Do No Harm IPA-UNICEF-WHO webinar (recorded 18 July 2020).

Griffith University’s Covid-19 Pacific aid tracker includes information on donations and pledges to Pacific Island countries to support response to Covid-19.

Throughout the Covid-19 response and recovery, Partnership for Maternal, Newborn & Child Health (PMNCH) is urging governments to protect and promote the health, well-being and rights of women, children and adolescents through strengthened political commitment, policies and domestic resource mobilization and financing. Read more about the PMNCH’s Call to Action on Covid-19. Melbourne Children’s Global Health is a member of PMNCH.

Melbourne Children’s Global Health is a member of the COVID-19 Clinical Research Coalition. The Coalition aims to accelerate COVID-19 research in low- and middle-income countries.

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