Spotlight on Indigenous Health

Spotlight on Indigenous Health

Melbourne Children’s Global Health Forum

This month’s forum covers emerging learnings from leading Indigenous health practitioners in Australia.

The first talk, with Prof. Stephanie Brown and Karen Glover, will shine light on the social determinants of health and wellbeing in Indigenous communities – particularly focusing on the recently released findings from the Aboriginal Families Study, which followed 344 mother-child cohorts living in urban, regional and remote areas of South Australia. The study was developed in response to gaps in the available evidence to inform health policy and services and was preceded by extensive consultation with Aboriginal communities and services in South Australia.

In the second talk A/Prof Peter Azzopardi and Seth Westhead explain their Indigenous youth-led roadmap project, which aims to document the priority health needs and evidence-based responses of indigenous adolescents using empowering youth-led approaches, resulting in a network of engaged and up-skilled young Indigenous people who are able to drive the implementation of the project. Peter and Seth will explain how they did it, and the response they’ve had so far.


  • Stephanie Brown: Stephanie is a social epidemiologist and health services researcher whose work focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of children, young people and families and reducing social inequity. She established and leads the Intergenerational Health group at MCRI, and is Co-convenor of the Institute’s Aboriginal Health Program.
  • Karen Glover: Senior research fellow, intergenerational health, MCRI
  • Peter Azzopardi: Lead, Aboriginal Health Equity Theme, SAHMRI, Co-head of Adolescent Health, Burnet Institute, team leader, population health, MCRI
  • Seth Westhead: Researcher, Aboriginal Health Equity Theme, SAHMRI


  • Nat Evans, Global Health Fellow, MCGH
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