Next gen pandemic preparedness

“How can we do better next time?”: Next gen pandemic preparedness

Peter Doherty Institute – Melbourne Children’s Global Health Seminar

12:30-1:30pm Monday 29 March 2021. Register

Researchers discuss current and emerging technologies which may unlock the future of pandemic preparedness, with this month’s talks covering both emerging technologies and health equity. A/Prof David Anderson will discuss rapid diagnostic tests, how they can help fight future pandemics and what we need to expedite their development and deployment. Prof. Kim Mulholland will share his thoughts on lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic in improving global equity, including perspectives on the WHO, COVAX and Australia’s response to Papua New Guinea’s COVID-19 crisis.


  • A/Prof David Anderson – Deputy Director (Partnerships), Co-Head, Global Health Diagnostics Development – Burnet Institute
  • Prof. Kim Mulholland – Group Leader, New Vaccines, MCRI

Chair: Prof. Kanta Subbarao – Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Influenza

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